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Elkhatib Law is a Chicago law firm based on helping individuals, small businesses and corporations succeed in their daily needs by providing them with the necessary legal support.You need an attorney who understands your passions, whose name you know and who can guide you through the complicated maze of your legal worries. You need an attorney to help build your dreams.

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Real Estate Law

Selling/Buying A Home, Selling/Buying Commercial Property, Lawsuits Related To Property

Corporate Law

Form business entities: LLC (Limited Liability Companies), corporation, etc. General contract drafting/review and transactional business legal advice.

Small Business Law

Getting Started, Licensing, Contracts, Purchase/Sale Agreements, Employee Contracts


Khaled J. Elkhatib


Business, Contracts, Real Estate

After 20 years of working at law firms, accounting firms, State of Illinois government and the Mayor’s Office, I decided to start Elkhatib Law, LLC. My true passion is to help people understand and navigate the complexities of the law, whether it is starting a business, resolving a dispute, or dealing with the injury or death of a loved one. I want to be your voice and fight on your behalf.

Most recently I spent 10 years in government and worked with many great people who taught me the important role that government has in our community. For the State of Illinois, I managed $50,000,000 in surplus real estate, met with lessors, inspected lease facilities, and reviewed and negotiated new leases. My efforts reduced expenses by over $400,000.

I represented small and medium-sized companies, family- owned businesses, a bank, landlords, etc., and argued dozens of trials on their behalf.

Dimitrios Trivizas


Property Tax Appeals

A consummate property tax attorney, Dimitrios’ comprehensive real estate and litigation experience allows him to provide custom and strategic tax management for property owners, tenants, management companies and associations.

Middle market clientele’s property tax exposure is minimized as a direct result of Dimitrios aligning tax saving opportunities with their business objectives and defending against tax implications inherent in a property’s ownership and usage.

Dimitrios’ methodological assessment appeals result in corporate and individual clients enjoying substantial property tax reductions and tax refunds throughout Illinois.

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